An Interview of Javed Ahmad Ghamidi with an Indian News Channel
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An Interview of Javed Ahmad Ghamidi with an Indian News Channel

This writing is based on the transcript of the interview of Javed Ahmad Ghamidi with Lemon News, India in 2013. You can watch the complete programme here. Host: Islam is a well established religion, and is meant to exist forever. However, with time and rapid changes in global politics, the understanding and image of Islam have…

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The Democratic Process in The Rightly Guided Caliphate

Author: Javed Ahmad Ghamidi According to the Qur’ānic directive of Amruhum Shūrā Baynahum (Their system is based on their consultation, (42:38)), the details of the methodology adopted by the Prophet (sws) and his companions for the participation of the Muslims in the affairs of the state in their own times, keeping in view their social…

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Is Democracy Compatible with Islam?

There are some major misconceptions about this issue. Muslim societies had monarchs ruling them for a very long period, stretching about a thousand years. Therefore, their system of government was based on monarchy. Excluding the period of the Rightly Guided Caliphs which consisted of a democratic system of governance, the rest of the time it…